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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Simple stigma. Get out of your head.

    I promise you simple is not simple. That is the illusion and you the artist, must embrace your simple, look through the illusion. Look at any of the greats. Spend time in public, observe. Observe yourself, observe your judgments. Look for what you like. Do you see that? What you don't like? Take notes, get it on paper. Its very important.  Don't judge it, ask your self not to judge it, but observe it. The key work is empathy. Empathy for character. Empathy. Look it up you need to if you want to create vivid characters and not just for that to be a better person. You have google at finger tips, investigate something you don't know, use it. Evolve your state, your self, your soul. Watch movies.  I just don't mean look at a film. I mean be there with it, then watch it again. Take notes. If your a slow learner like me you have to watch it several times, great joy came out of that for me and I love great lines from movies. Do you? What are you favorite movie lines? Be at your own pace. Have you read any good play's lately? You should alway's be reading, writing, learning and evolving. I can't say that enough. Reinvent yourself. Share, grow and cultivate. Are you an artist? Are you an actor? Find your read list. Find your do list and make it. George Benard Shaw, find him and read him. This is a must. He changed my life early on in my career. Are you auditioning? What are you auditioning for? It doesn't matter. It's a chance to perform. Look at this way, its healthy. That is it a chance to perform. Let the other ego thoughts go. Doesn't matter if its a no budget webisode, a netflix series, a new amazon series,non-union pilot, a Disney show, Nickelodeon series, non-union film to big SAG feature film starring Phillip Seymore Hoffman. IT doesn't matter. You're there to perform and act. Get out of your head, know your lines and what your doing. And play, I can't say that enough. Play. Shakespear said it too, Speak the speech I pray you...

    Get your resume done too, don't forget to get our amazing product. 8x10 resume paper for headshot get it and do a mass mailing to every casting agent. Be inspired. Be simple and specific in your craft. Until next time. ActorPaper has your back, the back of your headshot.

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