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Advice for young players - Recognize you're on your own

Your Acting Career: It can seem immensely hard to the point where you feel your alone in this business. You are, its up to you! That's what's good about it and so risky. So risk! What are you waiting for!  So pick up your boots and strap them on. Get a plan, write it out. When you write it out, it becomes tangible. What is your plan? What is the 1 year 2 year goals you have?  Go all the way to your 20 year plan?  Acting classes, auditioning classes, casting director work shops. Make connections. That is a good start. You may not always need classes. You didn't hear that from me. Read the books. Read the great plays. There is a reason they are published. Fall in love with the words, "Speak the speech I pray you". Please don't feel pressure to take classes or be in a class that is ongoing. My advice is to find more of guide, not a teacher. The teacher and the taught make the lesson. Your acting career isn't just about technique it's about a whole lot more. With more time you will understand. Please be open to evolving, changing and growing. Accept and welcome notes and always ask for feedback. Don't forget to market yourself. Send out those head shots. Do mass mailings. Keep casting directors in the loop on what your doing. A simple headshot and resume can do wonders.  You are running a business called You. So contact that casting director from Disney and let them know what your up to.  Resistance is your ego. Please please understand its just ego. To be in this business and really thrive you must balance the ego and egolessness. Break a leg out there. Please feel to hit me up with any questions you have. Michael Perri - Founder Actor Paper. 

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