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How can ActorPaper help you?

Simple. ActorPaper sells professional cut 8X10 headshot resume paper.  Weather you're a seasoned actor, ready to do a mass mailing or going to auditions, you need 8x10 resume paper for the back of your headshot. Make no mistake.  ActorPaper takes one less stress out of auditions and submissions.  Help streamline your mailings and casting relationships. The price range is 5 dollars to 33 dollars for our variety of top of the line products.
We offer a quality and great customer service. When you go into the casting room be prepared.   Wether its a mass mail or an audition you'll know you have the industry standard, you'll have that assurance, that your head shot resume meets industry requirements .  SAG AFTRA AEA approved.
What are you waiting for. Your time should be spent on looking on acting, not cutting paper. Leave that us. Break a leg out there.
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