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More to those Disney Auditions Parents

A parent asked: What is ActorPaper? How can it save me time? Do you mean you sell pre-cut 8x10 paper for actors resumes? I don't have to cut paper anymore?

I said: Yes that is what we sell.

She hugged me and pulled out pair of scissors from her purse because she was running late. She showed me how she cut her kids resume. I handed her a free assortment sample packet of our 8x10 resume paper.

Parents of child actors should first and foremost know how you found this page, we provide the greatest paper for your 8x10 acting resume.  Some of you may be scratching your head over all that is coming at you with pictures, resumes, 8x10, acting resume, size etc. and now your going to be taking your children to auditions too. Hopefully I can help clear up a few things and simply this whole thing for you.. Industry standard is your Headshot and resume bring it every where you go as an actor, it is composed of one 8x10 picture along with a 8x10 resume of the actors work (free sample 8x10 actor resume format is posted on our website) and only two staples. Put your 8x10 resume on the back of your head shot and staple it to the top and the bottom of your headshot. Only using two staples top center and bottom center. Any thing else is not gonna work. No printing on the back of your picture. There is a reason the industry calls for only two staples to put together/hold together your headshot and resume. The neat thing is we have taken the chore and valuable time out of this pain in the neck of cutting paper. We sell industry standard pre-cut 8x10 resume paper in a wide variety of paper and colors. Save time and money for sure we ship it right to your door and our prices start at 4.99 for sheets plus shipping. Email us for a coupon code. Happy to give you one.

What does my kid wear?

Remember, you have to look what they (client, ad agency etc.) are spending that's a no brainer, for tops no plaid or stripes or logo, solid colors avoid whites and blacks alone, mix those with layers. For example, a black under shirt,  red family button down shirt and then a grey hoodie for nice commercial look.  ActorPaper doesn't only offer products and sell things, we actually enjoy having a conversation with you about this beautiful beast of business we call acting, the craft.  Getting started in world of theatre, TV, film, commercials, voice overs is great adventure so take your seat belts off.

Here is some great advice from Bryan Cranston star of Breaking Bad:

"The best advice for fellow actors is this, know what your job is, about 18 years ago I had this cognition that I realized I was going into auditions trying to get a job.  And that simply wasn't what I was doing. It wasn't what I am supposed to be doing.  An actor is supposed to create a compelling interesting character that serves the text, present it in the environment where the audition happens and then you walk away that's it. Everything else is out of your control so don't think of it or focus on that, your not going there to get a job.  You're going there to present what you do, you act, there it is, then walk away, there is power in that. There is confidence in that. And its also saying, I can only do so much, then the decision on who might get a job is so out of your control, that really when you analyze it, it makes no sense to hold on to that, that to me was a break through. Once I adapted that philosophy, I never looked back.  And I've never been busier in my life, once I grabbed on to that. That's it. " B.C.
Break A leg out there.
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