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Resume Resources

Use this template below to help you organize your resume. This will give you a quickstart on building an effective and optimized resume. Portray your abilities and skills. Name on Back across the top. Do not put social security # on your resume. Put your service number and an email on the resume as well. You can download a version for Microsoft Word here

Would you like us to pre-print your resume on 8x10 resume paper?  Just purchase the pre-printed resume option on your favorite paper and email us your resume. We will do the rest!! 

Jimmy Stuart
818-745-5656   Sendmail@yahoo

Hair: Brown Weight: 150
Eyes: Brown Height: 5' 10"
Vocal: Tenor    


Law and Order Ted / Lead NBC
CSIMiami Joe / Lead CBS
My Name Is Earl Henry / Guest Star NBC
Guiding Light Glen / Guest Star CBS
Killing Joe Bobby / Lead Blue
Kite Flighy Harry / Lead Lions
Greece Tony / Lead Broad
Hair Spary DaDa / Lead Off
COMMERCIALS:  List Available Upon Request
MFA RutgersUniveristy  
BFA HunterCollege  
Improvisation William Esper  
Stage Combat Gerry Stageman  
Voice Anna Ree  

Special Skills Dialects: Cockney, Indian, Russian Horseback Riding, Fencing, Juggling, Guitar, trombone, Can raise just one eyebrow, Can wiggle ears. Valid US passport.